Embrace digital transformation at speed and scale for better resiliency, agility, adaptability and spend/value.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions.

Concepts such as Internet of Things (IoT), democratized engineering and manufacturing, open-source development models, adaptive manufacturing and 3-D printing together form the current manufacturing renaissance.

Digital Product IT: A New Responsibility for Manufacturers on the IoT Journey.

As manufacturing companies become digital enterprises, taking advantage of emerging technologies like internet of things (IoT) is critical. But did you know that approximately 30-40 percent of IoT pilots fail to become enterprise-wide solutions? What’s the secret to realizing the full value of IoT initiatives? The answer lies in simultaneously considering the business, technology, partner ecosystem, financial and organizational aspects of an IoT initiative.

Featured Insights.

  • 1. Rapidly attract customers with innovative features, services and data-driven experiences.
  • 2. Adopt a secure, connected and software-driven factory for improved efficiency.
  • 3. Identify the technology architecture to optimize “cloud to edge” continuum and handle real time and unstructured IoT data.